Are you having relationship issues? Thought about couples counselling?

Couples Counselling

Relationship Counselling, also known as Couples and Marriage Counselling, is a therapeutic process where couples meet with a counsellor weekly to help explore more deeply what is going on in your relationship. 


Relationships can be fulfilling and long lasting; however, conflict and arguments can cause tension and upset leaving couples feeling unsatisfied and stuck in painful patterns of relating. It can be hard to identify what the problems are in your relationship and to see a way forward. Couples counselling can be useful in helping couples identify where they are ‘stuck’ and to find new ways of relating to each other that can help you grow as individuals and as a couple.


The most important part of the process is looking at how you communicate with each other. This can help identify any patterns of behaviour or communication issues that result in arguments or misunderstandings. Together we look at what you can do differently to communicate more effectively and bring about changes that can lead to the kind of intimacy and relationship you both want.


Couples commonly seek counselling for issues such as:


· Conflict and arguments

· Difficulty communicating and not feeling heard

· Financial problems

· Feeling unable to ask for what you want 

· Loss of connection

· Feeling a need for space

· Jealousy and possessiveness

· Different parenting styles

· Loss of sex life or incompatible sexual drives


Couples Counselling can help you feel supported and give you both the chance to get thoughts and feelings out in a neutral environment and in a constructive way. 

How it Works

Initially I will meet you as a couple to find out why you want to come for couples counselling and outline my terms of business. After this I will meet with each of you individually before proceeding to meet you weekly as a couple.

Ask about first session discount.

Please note



  • Initial session - £30.00 (50 minute session)
  • £60.00 (50 minute session day - 9am-5pm) 
  • £65.00 (50 minute session evening - 5pm onward)