What is Somatisation?

You may have heard of the term somatisation, but what does this mean? Somatisation is where you experience somatic pain, which means pain in the body, in response to psychological distress such as anxiety and depression. This can manifest with migraines, stomach pain or back pain for example. A psychosomatic illness is much the same; illness or other condition caused or aggravated by an internal conflict or stress.

The relationship between the mind and body is complex. When we somatise, mental or emotional problems can be expressed as physical symptoms which are very real, not imagined and can have a devastating impact on day to day living.


I believe that talking therapies can be effective, although I will always advise clients to speak to their GP to rule out any possible physical issues that may be present first. Talking therapy, like Transactional Analysis, which uses cognitive and behavioural techniques, may help you make sense of the reasons behind your symptoms and help you identify and deal with emotional issues that could be contributing.